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Campaigns are powerful online forms you create using Imprzd, that helps your customers post about you on social media

10 campaigns per month

20 campaigns per month

Customer posts

Photo posts with testimonials created and shared by your customers

100 posts per month
($5 per post beyond 100)

1000 posts per month
($1 per post beyond 100)

Marketing platforms

Your customers can promote you by sharing their posts on these platforms

Ready to use forms

Select from a wide range of readily available forms to create your campaigns in minutes

Custom form builder

Create your own form, with the mix and match of 100s of Q&As and design themes

Analytics and Reporting

Track campaign performance

Analyse your campaign performance by tracking responses, shares, impressions and traffic

Exportable reports

Download your reports as PDF or excel files

Custom reports

Get a detailed breakdown of the campaign metrics as per your requirement

Audience insights

Get a detailed insight about your audience demographics like their age, gender, and location

Customer management

Contact customers via Email, SMS, or WhatsApp

(SMS and WhatsApp charges should be covered by you based on the service provider you use)

Upload customer contact info

Add customer contacts in minutes via CSV

Automatic data transfer of customer contact info

CRM, POS, and ecommerce integrations to auto transfer customer contacts

Widgets and Integrations

Landing page and full page widgets

Display your customer testimonials on your landing page and a dedicated page

Product page widget

Display customer testimonials related to the product on every product page

CRM Integration

Integrate with your CRM to automatically send messages to your customers

Ecommerce Integration

Integrate with your ecommerce store to automatically send messages to your customers

POS Integration

Integrate with your POS system to automatically send messages to your customers

Support and Training

24/7 high priority email support

Guides and Tutorials

Live walkthroughs, learning videos, and explainer articles

Dedicated account manager

We will create the campaigns and manage your account completely

Image library management

Imprzd team will upload and manage all the images that’ll be inserted on the final posts of your customers

Phone support

In-person training sessions

Access to our live in-person training sessions to learn and excel faster

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we would be happy to help you through a phone call or a web conference at your convenience. BOOK A FREE CALL

No, you will be charged only after your 15 days trial period.
With that said, you need to share your billing details to signup for the free trial.

Yes, we would be glad to offer you a free trial for 15 days. Before that, help us pick the right plan for you. BOOK A FREE CALL

Yes, if you ever feel Imprzd isn’t suitable for your marketing needs, simply cancel your account.
Your paid plan will end on the date of your next billing cycle.

You can sign up for a month – but we don’t recommend it.
It takes time for word of mouth campaigns to show you results. Hence we recommend a minumum of 3 months

The cost of sending Email/Text SMS/WhatsApp messages is not part of the Imprzd subscription.
However, we help you to integrate the Email/Text SMS/WhatsApp services that you are using currently with your Imprzd account.

Yes, when you pay for a year upfront, we offer you a 20% discount.

You are not bound by any contracts or commitments.
Imprzd Rise comes in quarterly and annual plans, so you can change your plan whenever necessary.
For Scale, the subscription terms vary based on your needs. Talk to our team to discuss the billing options for Scale.

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. We also accept payment via bank transfer for yearly subscriptions.
And we support transactions in a range of currencies.

Imprzd provides a two-stage onboarding process.
Just by submitting contact, billing, and key business details, we allow you to send out test campaigns instantly.
The additional details required in the second stage are the website, brand logo, and details about your SMS/WhatsApp service providers. All these details can be submitted later, even while you are trying out the test campaigns.

You can continue to run your live campaigns and your customers will be able to create posts.

You’ll be charged extra for the additional posts ($2 per post). 

Imprzd provides an option for your customers to share their posts in any app installed on their phone or PC.
Imprzd also allows you to set your preferred marketing channels(Ex: Google reviews, Instagram, WhatsApp, FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter).
These channels will be displayed to your customers up-front, increasing their chances of promoting you on your preferred channel.

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