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Accelerate lead generation through customer

Make it fun and easy for your customers to share social media posts about their experiences with your business. A satisfied customer is your strongest advocate.

People pay attention to word of mouth recommendations


Make it failproof for every customer to post

Increase sales funnel

Boost your band’s presence on social media. When your customers post about your business on social media – their network will perceive your brand to be credible and trustworthy.

Make your customer’s posts lead a highly relevant audience directly to your business.

Create an alternate direct marketing channel

Decrease customer acquisition costs

Find your next customer in the network of your existing customer. When your customer tells a friend about your business – that is direct and targetted marketing to an audience who are your potential customer.

Create a direct channel for new customers to find your business.

Make posting fun and hassle-free for your customers

A red carpet welcome

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Get user generated content that works for you

Small Business

Direct to consumer brands

Make it easy for your customers to spread the word about you

Make it fun for your customers to post about your business. Tap into your customer’s networks to increase your sales.

Marketing Managers

Generate social proof about products and services

Today’s shoppers care about social proof. Get more of your customers to post online. Showcase the customer posts and drive conversion on your site.

Marketing Managers

Digital Agencies

Reduce the time and cost for getting customer posts

Automate and scale the process of requesting & reminding customers to post. Ensure that every client will get glowing posts from their customers.

 Set up word of mouth marketing for your business

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