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Generate more leads at less cost,
Grow your business without compromising your profitability

Imprzd leverages the power of AI and the network of your loyal customers
to get you exponential leads at a fractional cost

Cut down your Customer Acquisition Cost drastically

Imprzd focuses on providing a matchless value for every dollar you spend

Unlike popular ad campaigns that charge you for every impression and every lead,
Imprzd charges you only for the posts your customers create.
And each post gets you more leads, doubles the impressions, and boosts your revenue.

Put an end to low quality leads

Unlike traditional ad campaigns that get a wide range of unfiltered audiences to your website,
Imprzd gets a targeted group of audience through the recommendations of your actual customers

Traditional ad campaigns

  • High bounce rate
  • Low sales conversion
  • High Cost Per Impression
  • High Cost Per Lead
  • High Customer Acquisition Cost

Imprzd campaigns

  • Low bounce rate
  • High sales conversion
  • Low Cost Per Impression
  • Low Cost Per Lead
  • Low Customer Acquisition Cost

Stop overspending on marketing. Start using Imprzd.
Accelerate lead generation by getting your customers to get you leads.

Get the insights you need
to grow your brand and generate more leads

Track performance and create reports for your campaigns - all from one intuitive analytics dashboard

Track responses
in Email, SMS, and WhatsApp

Get all the information you need to identify the right channel and time to message your customers and boost your responses.

Analyze the share distribution
across social media and more

Know what percentage of your customers are promoting your brand and on which platforms are they promoting you.

Measure the leads generated
by each of your customers

Get real-time stats about the total leads and the average leads generated by each customer you contact.

Learn from the happiness score
of your customers

Know your customer happiness score. Look through your customers’ feedback and improve your happiness score.

Less work for you. More leads for your business.
Sail through your marketing goals using the insights you need to succeed.

Achieve your next annual sales goal with Imprzd
Imprzd leverages user generated content and social proof to convert your leads

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